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CruiseEmail VHF BBS Support Page

Here is where you can get upgrades to the software on your CruiseEmail VHF BBS servers and vessel clients. The currently available version is .

If you are on a CruiseEmail VHF BBS that has internet connectivity, you can simply click the Upgrade button on the system configuration page, and the BBS will reach out to this site to look for more recent software. If you are using a CruiseEmail VHF vessel client, or have a BBS that does not have Internet connectivity, you will need to:

  1. obtain Internet connectivity for your laptop computer (such as when docked at a marina providing WiFi service),
  2. download the appropriate file below onto a USB memory stick,
  3. plug the stick into one of the USB connectors on the CruiseEmail client system,
  4. disconnect your laptop from Wifi and use the Cat-5 Ethernet patch cord to connect your laptop to the CruiseEmail vessel client,
  5. visit the home webpage on the CruiseEmail client (using the URL ),
  6. surf to the Configure My Client page, and
  7. click the "Check for Available Upgrade" button,
  8. when the upgrade file is discovered, click the "Apply Upgrade" button.
The upgrade ZIP file will then be downloaded off the USB memory stick into the vessel client and its contents applied to the client. When the upgrade is complete, you can unplug the USB memory stick.

Downloadable upgrade files for:


vessel client

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